Who We Work With


We are passionate about supporting professional people to thrive. By using our brain-based coaching methodology we can help you access the best side of you, bringing more clarity, energy and focus than you ever thought possible. We want you to have a H.E.A.L.T.H.Y careerTM, that is sustainable and enables you to enjoy success.

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Law Firms & Junior Solicitors

Junior lawyers are key to the future of a firm and law knowledge also needs to other professionals skills and confidence to bring it to life. Mentoring is the secret to improved performance and increased retention in new lawyers. Let us help.

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Elite Athletes & Sports Teams

Considering the next phase of a career after elite sport can be confusing, scary and overwhelming. Managed well it can be an exciting start to a new chapter of a person’s life.

We offer programmes for individuals and teams to help reconnect to their wider skills, understand their value outside sport and learn some of the basics of the business world.


We offer consultancy services and workshops on topics including: business change programmes, strategic planning, marketing strategy, mentoring & training and digital transformation.

Our H.E.A.L.T.H.Y Career TM programme takes you through our unique ADAPT, GROW, THRIVE model to help optimise your employees and future-proof your organisation with tangible, measurable results.

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