Mentoring for Professional and Elite Athletes

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When the playing ends, being prepared for the next step will make all the difference.

Who we work with

Sports Academies, sporting organisations and individuals.

Preparing for life after elite sport can seem daunting but if you work with elite athletes or are one yourself you know that the day will come when the playing ends and the next career chapter must start.

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How we help

Clubs & Organisations

We create programmes and sessions which complement all the great work you are already doing on player transition.

We can help give peace to mind to you and parents of students that your support of young sports people is holistic and practical.

Working in small groups and on a 1-to-1 basis we give age-appropriate advice and skills to junior athletes to help prepare them for life after playing sport.

Sessions are practical and hands-on, giving everyone the chance to get involved and learn-by-doing.


We help you to understand yourself and rediscover all those hidden superpowers that had to take a back seat while you were an athlete.

Your sporting career also gave you many skills which are invaluable to the business world.

We’ll take a look at your values, your passions, your wider life and your thoughts about the future and we’ll turn them into practical and useful plans.

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Bringing business skills and transition tips

Bite-sized Tips for Transitioning Athletes

Q1: Why should I plan for transition now when my sporting career is going so well?
Q2: I only know how to play my sport. How do I relate this to a new career in business?
Q3: It’s so overwhelming, where do I start?
Q4: I don’t know anyone outside sport, how do I find a job?
Q5: I’m fully committed to my sport, where do I find the time?

What we bring

Complements Existing Programmes

We work with you to mould a programme that reinforces messages in your other programmes and fills any gaps.

Extensive Business Experience

We adapt 20 years business experience into practical, age appropriate sessions, building on ideas through the age groups.

Tried, Tested & Ready to Go!

All content grounded in brain-based science, experience and well-being with the stamp of approval from many previous happy mentees.

Peace of Mind for Families

Families of young players are reassured that their young athlete is being prepared for all sides of life.

Proud to be working with:

LAPs Life after professional sport

The ultimate careers resource platform offering advice, networking and job opportunities for future, current and former elite athletes. LAPS can help decide on possible careers, give advice preparing a CV and interview techniques, and put you directly in touch with employers. 

Switch The Play

The Switch the Play Foundation is the UK’s only charity dedicated to supporting all sportspeople to successfully transition into life outside of sport. This enables them to fulfil their potential through and beyond sport.

Game Plan Financial

Gameplan helps athletes from all backgrounds transition from sport into the business world in a seamless fashion. The Gameplan team is unique as we are all current and former professional athletes. Through our ‘athlete to adviser academy’ we train athletes to become financial advisers.  

Programme Outline

ProgrammeGroup Sessions1-to-1sLengthHighlights
Academy ELITE Programme (Under 16s)YesYesAcademic Year – Superpowers Discovery
– Dreams, Preferences & Options
– Communication skills
– Business landscape overview
– Next best steps
Academy ELITE Programme (over 16s)YesYesAcademic Year– Superpowers value and practical use at work
– Realities of working life
– Expanding your horizons
– Practical skills (CVs, letter writing, Linked In tips, interview practise)
– Network building
Individual ELITE ProgrammeNoYes6 Session blocks– Superpowers discovery and translation into work
– Industry and roles exploration
– Skills and education development
– Network building
– Practical skills (CVs, letter writing, Linked In tips, interview practise)

“Kelly is a fantastic professional who brings all of the skills and qualities needed for truly effective mentorship. Under her guidance, I gained a variety of skills that help me in many aspects of my career. My career trajectory altered and advanced, and my confidence and capability improved drastically.”

Launa, Happy Mentee

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