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Kelly & Alison

Coaching and mentoring can help to achieve things you didn’t think were possible. You can be unstoppable. You can thrive.

Working Together_Kelly and Alison_Find Your Wings
Working together to help you find your balance

We all deserve to have our own pair of wings, that we can use to help us tap into our inner power.

Our aim is to help you to take control of your future; without huge expectations of a perfect life, just in a way that fulfils you and gives you the balance you deserve.

We are two professional women, with small children who empathise with the challenges, fears and frustrations of professionals, new and experienced, who are trying to find a balance of self-fulfilment, family life and healthy relationships. We have a strong ethos with Find Your WingsTM to help people to take control of their future and give them the confidence and skills they need, that’s why we are delighted to have AET as our charity partner so that we can extend that support to these inspirational women.

It’s hard. It’s confusing. There’s too much information and too many demands on us. We understand.

We also have the skills and the experience to help.

We bring a unique combination of science, psychology and recognised techniques together with our experience from our own careers and personal challenges that we’ve worked through. We also know that none of us are ever a finished work of art, we are constantly going back to add another layer or remove something that didn’t work, so as we learn and grow, we will pass that on.

Learn about our individual stories below. We’d be happy to talk to anyone about the business or our own experiences, so please contact us if you’d like to chat!

Kelly Whalley

Digital marketer, mum of two, well-being fan, business consultant, mentor, compulsive foreign traveller, retired language learner and passionate about the need to support young people in to have a H.E.A.L.T.H.Y careerTM.

Kelly Whalley_Business Coach
Kelly Whalley_Business Coach & Mentor

Go-to Song: For beautiful lyrics and sexy voice appreciation it has to be Jack Savoretti

For getting my energy levels up and dancing around the kitchen: Take Back The Power: The Interrupters

Go-to Podcast: For blowing my mind on new health and well being topics: Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee

For general entertainment, I love David Tennant’s interview style

Go-to Book: For changing my view of the world: Dr Dan Siegel – Whole Brain Child and Glennon Doyle – Untamed

I’m proud that Find Your Wings is practical, accessible and realistic, as well as enjoyable and hopefully illuminating!

My Story: If you’d like to know a bit more about how I got here and what I want from life, read about my story here.

Alison Perks

Change expert focusing on organisational design and strategy, founder of a successful business consultancy, coach and mentor, developing psychologist, mum of three, trying to be a conscious parent, passionate about women supporting women.

Alison Perks_Confidence Coach
Alison Perks_Brain-based Coach

Go-to song: Michael Kiwanuka, for his amazing soulful voice when I need a lift, I listen to Mista Jam’s playlist

Go-to podcast: For celebrating women from all walks of life who have made major career changes and overcome their fears: Second Life

Entertainment: I love crime dramas, Luther, Arne Dahl, Strike.

Go-to book: Anything by Brené Brown watch this and you will understand why!

My life experiences have shaped me and changed me that is why I wanted to start a community that provides support and helps women make those challenging decisions but mainly just to make sense of it all!

Kelly and I had always talked about doing something together to support working mums and luckily we are able to do this and hopefully provide access to a network of coaching, mentoring and training courses to offer simple practical solutions to women supporting women.

Understand a bit more about why I’m proud to be co-founding Find Your WingsTM by reading My Story

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