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Coaching and mentoring can be the missing jigsaw piece. They have the power to accelerate, clarify and boost an individual’s performance. If that’s you, it could mean the difference between thriving in your career, against simply working through it. If you’re a business, it could mean a higher level of performance and retention within your teams. It’s a win-win!

We want people enjoy their life and find their own version of success, because when you find your flow, you give it everything. That means being present for the big moments, enjoying success, breathing in the moments of calm, feeling fulfilled, energised, creative and challenged and seeing a clear way forward.

Let Mentoring Unlock Your True Talent

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Mentoring for Law Firms

Law Firm & Junior Solicitors

We support trainee and junior lawyers to combine law knowledge with professional skills.

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Mentoring for Individuals

Individuals feeling job-stuck

We all need help from time-to-time to get some perspective, new ideas and support for our careers.

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Mentoring for Elite Athletes

Elite Athletes

Transitioning from being an elite athlete to a new career isn’t easy. We help you to explore your options and understand your value.

Mentoring for Businesses


New managers and high potential teams like graduates or early-career professionals can flourish with some extra support and targeted development.

Feeling Career-Stuck? Thinking of transitioning to a new role or career? Let us help get you off the blocks.

Bring your question to a 20 minute, quickfire career session with one of our experts and we will help with practical advice on how to take the next step forwards.

“There is a before and after Alison’s coaching. She was a  catalyst of

a  transformation that made me go beyond and further and gave me

clarity with the way forward. I have been forging ahead since. She is

a trusted guide through change and a seasoned coach who can drive you

towards your potential and help you act on it “

Coaching client, gabriella

We support Africa Education Trust and their focus on women’s education.

Helping women further afield

We are delighted to be partnering with Africa Education Trust (AET) charity. The ethos of women supporting women to overcome challenges, pass on knowledge and learn together is our core value at Find Your WingsTM. Despite the different cultural and geographical settings, we share with AET the same passion to improve women’s lives and give them control over their future.

Latest Blog Posts

Latest Blog Posts

Latest Blog Posts

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The latest podcast by Jeremy Cline from Change Work Life discusses with Kelly the challenges facing those who might find themselves unhappy with their current job.

Latest Blog Posts


Find Your WingsTM offers brain-based coaching and mentoring to help you to thrive.

We have a strong ethic to help people succeed and feel fulfilled. We strongly advocate that women especially should support other women for us all to rise.

Find out more about us.

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