ADAPT, GROW, THRIVE: How to Supercharge Your Career

Get all my best advice, practical tips and stories about how thrive in a new career in your back pocket!

It’s a breath of fresh air, a thoroughly enjoyable read, and I would highly recommend it.

Siobhan, Marketing Director

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How to supercharge your career! BOOK INCLUDING UK POSTAGE


The first 12 months in a new career can be disorientating, overwhelming and intense.. but it’s also an exciting time full of potential and opportunities. ADAPT, GROW, THRIVE shows you how to use this time to set down the building blocks for an exciting, healthy and successful career.

A career which is shaped around you and lets you enjoy success and happiness, while you navigate all the new situations you’ll be facing.

Come with me and I’ll guide you each step of the way.

Get Involved

There are lots of exercises and practical activities for you to do as we travel down the river of your career, making this book personal and highly relevant.

If you get involved and use the suggested activities as a springboard to inspire your own thinking, you’re onto a winner!

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Tap into my 20 years’ corporate experience, my mistakes, my learnings and my advice… and then shape your own path. Learn how to adapt to your new environment, grow into the challenges ahead and thrive with purpose and confidence.

I have supported many people during pivotal points in their career, helping them to find their own brand of confidence and success and now I share the same approach with you.

This guide will give you the energy, confidence and practical tools you need to supercharge your career.

Take responsibility for your future.

Learn from the best.

Supercharge your career and thrive!


ADAPT, GROW, THRIVE; how to supercharge your career. BOOK INCLUDING UK POSTAGE



This phase is about adapting to the new environment in which you find yourself. You’ll likely be seen as ‘new’ we’ll look at how to get the support you need and how to build strong foundations. It is a time of adjustment but importantly the demands on you at this point are fairly minimal so you can take advantage of this too.


Once you’ve been in your role for a while, the Grow phase of your career is all about consolidating what you know, facing new challenges and building your resilience. We’ll look at some of the new skills you’ll need and practical ways to deal with the new scenarios you’ll face. It’s also about having some wonderful experiences and making sure you are enjoying it! 


The THRIVE stage is all about pulling on your big pants and standing tall with your shoulders back and your head held high.

You’ve achieved some fantastic things, but there are still challenges to face, decisions to make and skills to learn. We look at how to set yourself up to lead in a responsible and empathetic way, paying it forward and thinking about how to support those around you at all levels.

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Are you an ex-athlete or an elite athlete on the point of transitioning to a new career? Take a look at some of the reason why you may find ADAPT, GROW, THRIVE useful to kick start your new career.

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