Zoom in and Zoom out to get moving

When we are feeling stuck at work and having a bad day, it’s easy to jump to the most obvious but most drastic conclusion – I need to do something else. But what if a small change could actually work just as well? The technique of zooming in and out will help you to find…

Add energy to change and make something good. 

Have you ever thought about how our energy actually controls the outcome of a change? Considering this can be very useful when it comes to getting un-stuck in your career.

There’s a book for that!

World Book Day is a reminder to all of us, not just children, that books are a powerful and accessible source of knowledge, growth, inspiration, stress relief and confidence… they can be a great tonic to Imposter Syndrome too! Let’s see what a pro-active attitude to learning can do for your career and take a…

All I want for Christmas… is some career confidence!

For anyone who is feeling a bit overwhelmed by their job or unsure of how to progress their career, the Christmas period can give a bit of space to have a think. But what if the thinking only gets you more confused? Maybe the Find Your Wings elves can help! One of the most common…

ADAPT, GROW, THRIVE for sports transition.

Transitioning from elite sport into a new career can be a challenging, confronting and lonely experience, particularly if the transition has been forced by injury or other unforeseen circumstances. Luckily there’s lots of help out to support athletes at each stage of the process and the book ADAPT, GROW, THRIVE; How to supercharge your career…

WEBINAR: Confidence at Work

Feeling, showing, finding and losing confidence at work are all things that most of us think about at some point. It’s so important yet can feel so ‘slippery’, so easy to have one moment and then lose the next. In this webinar I discuss workplace confidence with two amazing guests, Kerry Tottingham – workplace culture…


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