We’ve created pricing options which we believe makes Find Your Wings accessible to a wide range of women at any stage of their journey. We are here to support you.

Our ethos is routed in supporting women. There is enormous inequality and hardship in parts of the world, with women and girls often suffering the most. Access to education and training has been proven to help young women and girls escape to a more fulfilling and happier life where they can contribute to their community and broaden their horizons. It’s for this reason that we partner with Africa Education Trust.

Everyone who works with us will be helping this incredible charity deliver educational services to war-torn areas of Africa and has the opportunity to get involved. Please read more about our partnership here.

Monthly Subscription £15

Perfect for you if you want a little support and information to help guide your next steps.

You have access to our closed Facebook Group, useful templates and your own copy of the beautiful and motivational book ‘Start Where You Are’ by Meera Lee Patel.

We also give you an introductory call with one of our coaches.

See more information in the table below.

Kick Start Courses from £250

With self-guided and supported options for our courses, there is an option for everyone. Both options start out with a Kick Off Call with our coaches. You can decide to work through the course on your own, or with regular 1-to-1 calls to support your work, answer your questions and keep you on track!

For more details on our courses, go to the Courses page here.

For pricing details, see the table below.

Targeted Support

If you want some very specific help in one area, then choose a Targeted session.

These are 1-to-1 calls with an expert, focused on your needs and guaranteed to help you progress and feel more confident in whichever topic you choose.

They are all individually priced and shown on the Targeted Sessions page.

Individual Coaching

We have a wonderful set of coaches, all specialising in different areas, ready to help you.

Whether it be some support on career decisions, confidence building, stress management, finding your ‘mojo’ or flexible working… you can find the person who is a fit for you. Each coach has their own pricing models, please contact us on the form below for more information.

Visit Our Team page for more information.

Our Pricing Options

OptionsMonthly SubscriptionKick Start Course – Self GuidedKick Start Course – Supported
1-to-1 Kick off call to get you off on the right foot and answer your questions.XXX
Access to closed Facebook GroupXXX
Involvement in Mentor programmeXXX
Access to helpful templatesXXX
A copy of ‘Start Where You Are. Meera Lee PatelXXX
An easy to follow PDF workbook with step-by-step activitiesXX
A 1-to-1 wrap up call when you’ve completed the course to look at next steps.XX
A 1-to-1 call with our coaches at the start of each module to support you through itX

Which of our options are you most interested in?

Kelly Whalley_Business Coach
Kelly Whalley_Business Coach

I love the Guided Courses for the sheer value and level of support you get. They are created in perfect bite-sized modules which you can take at your own pace, with the help of a coach or on your own.

They follow our ADAPT, THRIVE, GROW model and are logical, practical and intended to help you take positive action to keep moving forward.

Kelly Whalley

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing..

— Walt Disney

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