Mentoring for Individuals

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Support and advice when you need it the most.

Let us help you to find your spark, learn how to work your strengths and weave your well-being into a successful career.

How to be ‘You’

Everyone is unique. Trying to be something different to fit in or feeling awkward being yourself is the path to stress, unhappiness and anxiety.  

There will also be situations which you’ll face at work that are a new challenge to you – there’s no need to sink!

To thrive and be successful you need to know how to bring your whole self to work in a pro-active, positive and rewarding way.

Plus have a few practical tips in your back pocket that you can use on a day-to-day basis. These are the areas our mentoring focuses on.

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Individual mentoring focuses on bringing out the best of you.

1-to-1 Support

We work closely with you to understand the specific challenges and gaps that you feel are holding you back.

Taking those and adding our programme of professional skills training and well-being, we give you the fuel you need to succeed.

Take us with you to work!

ADAPT, GROW, THRIVE has all the tips, stories and ideas that you need to supercharge your career.

Read what it’s all about and buy direct from here on the link below.

Prioritise your career this year – for less than the cost of a meal with your mates!

Spend 20 mins on a Career Quickfire session with our experts and get help with your most pressing career problem.

Let it be the best use of £30 this year and get yourself set up with practical advice to help you kick-start your next step forward with positivity and drive!

Career Quickfire Month

“I’d highly recommend Kelly as a mentor. Kelly has proved very responsive, approachable, friendly and supportive. She’s suggested different approaches and structures for working through challenges, brought a fresh and useful perspective to our conversations and helped give me clarity.”

Emma, Happy Mentee

woman in white long sleeve and beige pants holding white paper

Why Your Opinion Counts at Work

Read one of our recent blog posts about how your opinion counts at work, no matter your age or background because you are unique. It’s something we will always have over the AI.

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