Mentoring for Business

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Retention, Performance and Creativity can all be improved through mentoring.

Talent Retention

Your ‘high potentials’ are important to you. They form part of your succession plan and the future of your business.

Perhaps they are:

  • Graduates.
  • Newly qualified professionals.
  • Junior Managers in their first managerial position.

You want to retain them, develop them and see them have a positive impact on the organisation, but you don’t have the capacity or resources to support them as much as you would like.

Don’t lose your talent. Let us fill the gap.

We use a combination of brain-based coaching methodology and our unique wellbeing framework, H.E.A.L.T.H.Y Career, to give a holistic approach to talent development.

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Use mentoring to retain your high potentials.

Attract & Retain the Best Talent

The addition of personal and professional development to your internal training programmes will give you an edge over competitors.

Aligned to Your Business Priorities

Our LADDERS programme takes your values and priorities as a business and combines them with our mentoring framework.

20 Years Business Experience

We understand business and why talent development is so critical to future success.

A Perfect Addition to Your Team

We work closely with HR & Talent teams to support with the extra services they don’t have capacity to provide.

Programme Outline

ProgrammeGroup Sessions1-to-1 SessionsLengthHighlights
LADDERS Group programmeYesYes1 Year– Confidence building
– Communication, persuasion and influencing skills
– Individual goal setting & development planning
– Stress management & resilience
LADDERS Individual programmeNoYesBlocks of 6 sessions– Specific trouble-shooting
– Personal skills development
– Goal setting & development planning
– Stress management & resilience
LADDERS New Manager programmeNoYesBlocks of 6 sessions– Leadership Vs Management
– Responsible leadership
– Stress management & resilience
– Team management skills 
– Communicating as a Manager

“Kelly is a fantastic professional who brings all of the skills and qualities needed for truly effective mentorship. Under her guidance, I gained a variety of skills that help me in many aspects of my career. My career trajectory altered and advanced, and my confidence and capability improved drastically.”

Launa, Happy Mentee

Mentoring Could Be The Key To Business Success

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