Mentoring for Law Firms and Junior Solicitors

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It takes a degree, the LPC and a 2 year training contract before a solicitor can practice.

It also costs around 125% of their salary to replace them.

Our THRIVE mentoring programmes give young lawyers the key professionals skills to add to their law knowledge and improves retention.

What we know

Junior lawyers tell us that the gap between the LPC and becoming a solicitor is bigger than just the practical knowledge of the law.

The skills needed to fully engage in their training contract and progress as a junior lawyer include personal effectiveness skills, practical knowledge of working in a professional environment and confidence.

Without these, the stress levels rise and burn-out or walking out are both very real options.

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Junior lawyers need more support to succeed.

Improve your Retention

Mentoring is proven to help with retention. Our individual support & feedback maximises the chances of trainees becoming your future leaders.

Maximise the Appeal of Training Contracts

By offering personal and professional development through mentoring in addition to law training, you can set your firm apart, attracting the best candidates.

Content Lawyer-Approved

Junior lawyers tell us what they need and where they struggle. We combine this knowledge with a firm’s plans and priorities to make our content highly relevant and practical from Day 1.

Programme Overview

ProgrammeGroup Sessions1-to-1 SessionsLengthHighlights
THRIVE Group ProgrammeYesYes1 Year– Confidence building
– Communication, persuasion and influencing skills
– Individual goal setting & development planning
– Stress management & resilience
THRIVE Individual ProgrammeNoYesBlocks of 6 sessions– Specific trouble-shooting
– Personal skills development
– Goal setting & development planning
– Stress management & resilience
THRIVE New Manager ProgrammeNoYesBlocks of 6 sessions– Leadership Vs Management
– Responsible leadership
– Stress management & resilience
– Team management skills
– Communicating as a Manager

“I’d highly recommend Kelly as a mentor. Kelly has proved very responsive, approachable, friendly and supportive. She’s suggested different approaches and structures for working through challenges, brought a fresh and useful perspective to our conversations and helped give me clarity.”

Emma, Happy Mentee

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