Add energy to change and make something good. 

Change itself is interesting because its shape alters all the time, sometimes a change can start off hard and end up giving us something incredibly positive. Other times it’s the reverse. Some change is forced on us. Some change we instigate. But have you ever thought about how our energy actually controls the outcome of the change? Considering this can be very useful when it comes to getting un-stuck in your career.

How we choose to use and direct our energy has a huge influence on our lives and our perception of how in control we are.

Think about how you use your energy

The energy of change

As the new school year kicks off, it prompts me to think about change.  Children face regular change, often imposed on them by academic years or other decisions of adults, and whether they embrace or shy away from it, they always bring an energy to it and seem to come through it having grown. 

How we choose to use and direct our energy has a huge influence on our lives and our perception of how in control we are.  As adults we often complain that change is forced on us and we don’t have the energy to respond because it is taken or absorbed by things that aren’t our choice.  But children show us that by focusing our energy on the change, we can extract what we need from it and come out stronger. This also gives us back our feeling of control because as much as you may not have instigated the change, you have made it serve you.

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Following the unexpected loss of a close friend, I’ve reflected a lot on the energy we give to other people and what we leave behind when we go.  That change was certainly not one that anyone would have chosen, but now I feel that it’s my duty to take and grow the energy that she shared with me and channel it into things we both felt were important.   

Add energy to change and make something good out of it. 

Putting a career lens on this and it’s not a huge leap to see that there’s a lot we can do to change a situation we’re not happy with just with a little energy.

It doesn’t have to be the energy needed for a 100% job change, a small change can make a big difference. If you’re in this situation, consider if one of these could help you:

Learn something new.

Either choose to get better at something you enjoy or improve in an area where you struggle with a little learning. Informal or formal. In books or online. Whatever works for you. But try to allocate a little energy to this change and see where it takes you.

Connect with someone new.

Our network is our biggest asset and people can constantly surprise you. So have a think about someone or a type of person that you’d like to connect with or learn more about something they do or have.

Volunteer at least once.

From charity shops to 5k race stewards, volunteers are always needed in a variety of interesting places. Commit some energy to just one act of volunteering and see what you get from it.

You are in control. You decide where your energy goes. You can make a positive change. 

Feel free to contact me if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with changes in your worklife or if you have got stuck and don’t know what to do.

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