WEBINAR: Confidence at Work

Feeling, showing, finding and losing confidence at work are all things that most of us think about at some point. It’s so important yet can feel so ‘slippery’, so easy to have one moment and then lose the next. In this webinar I discuss workplace confidence with two amazing guests, Kerry Tottingham – workplace culture expert, and Nicole Greenfield Smith, confidence coach. Their unique perspectives share wisdom and insights that we can all benefit from. Enjoy the recording below.

We talk about:

  • The impact of the workplace culture on confidence. The fact that we all have our own active role to play in the culture of a business – we ARE the culture, so if we don’t feel that there’s a culture fit with our own values and personality then it can lead to a melting of confidence.
  • The responsibility of leaders in an organisation to make sure that there is an inclusive, diverse workplace culture that values ALL the contributions from different sorts of people. This respectful and open culture will breed confidence in employees.

Culture has a significant impact on an individual’s confidence and we often don’t choose culture carefully enough or prioritise it highly enough when we are looking for a job…. Listen to your gut and consider your cultural fit to an organisation… it’s much easier to build confidence than re-build confidence.

Nicole Greenfield-Smith

Teams should be given the space and time to explore the unique personal traits of each member, as these areas of individual confidence can be brought together to give huge benefit to a team.

Kerry Tottingham
  • The idea of pushing your boundaries all the time and ‘feeling the fear and doing it anyway’ can be very harmful to a person’s confidence in certain situations. It’s much better to take logical, small steps towards a new goal or ambition, rather than a giant leap.
  • Self-worth underpins every single aspect of our life and it sets our expectations, so if our confidence is low, then we lower our expectations and dreams for ourselves. If we believe in a certain negative thing about ourselves, then we can usually find the evidence to back it up, even if it is hugely outweighed by other positive evidence.
  • It’s possible to separate self-worth and value. Self-worth is our inner state and Value is what we choose to bring to our work. So the value that we bring to our work is a conscious contribution rather than the fabric of our being, which means that if we are criticised it is easier to separate the negative comment as a reaction to something we offered, rather than a reaction to us as a human.

If you’d like to speak to any of us about careers, confidence, culture or anything related, then please contact us on hello@findyourwings.co.uk

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