September Career Kick-Start

September is a time of year for new starts. It’s not just the new academic year, this month is also a time when many people start a new career or begin the transition into a new phase of their professional life. So we’re dedicating the whole month of September to helping you kick-start your career.

It’s also a time for career changes as a summer holiday often gives us some thinking time.  Many people are now energised and have plans to up their game to take the next career step.

No matter which of those camps you fall into we know that anyone who is looking to give their career a focus in September could probably do with a little extra help – so we’re dedicating the whole month of September to helping you kick-start your career.

Learn how confidence comes in all shapes and sizes and is a critical part of workplace culture.

Blogs from the month…

The Gift of Confidence

Career Kick Start Month: We all have a perception of what confidence is and how a confident person behaves, but often can’t relate that to ourselves directly. This can have a significant impact on our ability to thrive at work (as well as in other areas of our life), so we’ll look at how to…

The Gift of Confidence 2

Career Kick-Start Month: Let’s look at the areas of career confidence that we CAN control so that we can put our best selves forward and thrive at work. We cover your capability, the level of risk & reward and your capacity.

Need a confidence boost around your work?

Get some practical and honest tips from workplace culture expert Kerry, confidence coach Nicole and I as we discuss all things ‘workplace culture’ in this webinar.

Grab a cuppa and enjoy!

Career Confidence Webinar

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If we live until we’re 80, we’ll have an average of just over 3 billion heart beats in our lifetime. Every day we trade our heart beats for something and we decide how we are going to use them.  This is our life force; it’s precious, free and offers huge opportunity… but how often do you…

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