APRIL: Stress Awareness Month

April is stress awareness month. Work-related stress and poor mental health accounts for over half of work absences – and costs British businesses up to £45 billion every year in 2020 according to Deloitte . It’s a big issue and has a big impact. We’re going to take this month to look at the different sides of workplace stress, specifically what stress is, how it can be useful and practical ways to manage it.

Everyone can feel it and we all have similar reactions to it, however what triggers stress in each person and the levels that we can cope with vary enormously. This can leave a stressed person to feel very isolated and alone.   

woman in red t shirt looking at her laptop. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com
We all get stressed, but our triggers can be very different.

Stress can go from an occasional annoyance that pops onto your radar to a debilitating physical reaction that appears to change your personality completely and every level in between.  It’s a term that is thrown around a great deal and can feel quite vague, so I’m going be delving into some of the detail.

I’m approaching it from a work perspective and from the point of view of many of my mentees, which is of those in the early stages of their career or those who are going through a transition stage in their career; either changing career or moving up to a more senior level.  

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I’ll be referring to great resources like those found on the Stress.org.uk website and sharing information on what stress is physically, how it can show in a person and how we can manage it and use it to our advantage.

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