How To Get Back Your Work Mojo After A Career Break

The idea of returning to work, either to your previous job or to do something new, after maternity leave or any sort of career break can seem very daunting, but tackle it in the right way and it can be a very positive and uplifting experience.

You can feel ‘out of the loop’ and unsure of yourself, it can be hard to remember how you used to do your job or even as if the ‘working woman’ part of your brain has shut down through neglect!! The good news is that you are not alone in these feelings of worry. Just about every woman who has gone through this transition that I’ve spoken to, can attest to feeling like this. The second positive is that it doesn’t last. You will get back your work mojo.. and we are here to help you get there in a confident and smooth way.

Thinking of returning to work can be daunting

Returning to work should be your opportunity to start the next chapter in your life in a positive and pro-active way. This is you, getting something back for yourself, so let’s make it count.

It doesn’t have to be the perfect job in the perfect life, it can still bring huge positive change to your life – and we are here to help.

At Find Your Wings, we work with a model called ADAPT, THRIVE, GROW. We apply it to all our courses because it takes you on a step by step journey through the process of finding your voice, your confidence.. and your wings! It’s practical, focused on positive action and doesn’t demand perfection.

Here are some key areas to think about when you’re going to be returning to work:

  • ADAPT: Look at everything you’ve done since you were last in a job and examine the skills and qualities you have demonstrated.  So many skills are transferable into the workplace if you look at them from a different angle
  • ADAPT: What do YOU want from work? Getting back into work will be a lot easier if you enjoy it or benefit from it in some way (other than getting your salary back!)
  • THRIVE: Update your job channels to reflect your current situation, skills, experience and wants. That’s not just your CV, but also any job boards, social media, recruitment agencies etc. Remember that your digital online profile is more important than your CV.
  • THRIVE: Practice talking about yourself, what you can offer and what you want.
  • GROW: Build your toolkit of everything you need to go and apply for roles or speak to your manager.
  • GROW: Take your Wings and go and get that job!
Kick Start Course to get you back to work

We’ve got a course tailored to walk you through this process, including detailed guidance on how to do all these activities and more. You’ll get a one-to-one session with one of our career coaches to really set you off on the right track and then all the support you need to work through the programme.

Studies have shown that when women support women in the workplace, we progress faster and feel more fulfilled with our careers, so don’t be afraid to reach out to your network.  If you would like to expand your network then why not join our mentor programme of like-minded women. Just contact us for details.

Finding your wings will set you on the right course to rediscover that lost work ‘mojo’ and allow the career woman inside to blossom once again.

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